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I bought liver today and was quite proud of myself. I thought geez won't this be a treat for the dogs! Well I left the vile stuff out so it would be at room temp and went about my day.

At supper time I got out the bowls, chopped up the liver and added a bit of kibble.

Well Kit my mutt wasted no time chowing down but Lea... well...
She sniffed it, identified that this was NOT her regular kibble and then decided she would do better wearing it than eating it!
I watched her as she tried to rub her head into the bowl but I was laughing so darn hard I couldn't get her out hehehe...

Finally I had to give up and feed it to Kit.

So much for that treat but at least I got a good laugh out of it. Hmmm maybe I'm finally getting in touch with my inner basset.

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