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Old Navy

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I went to Old Navy today and they are having a contest for you to put your dogs in I looked and did not see may bassets so I put Chloe in. Here is the site if you want to put your dogs in it is only open till the 29th
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I put Murphy up about 2 weeks ago, but i thought the profile i made didnt take, so he actually has three up on there now. Last time i checked there was over 96,000 dogs entered.

We need some more bassets people!
I tried to enter Rusty but it didn't work!! It said my photo was too large. I don't want to reduce the size because I think you can't ever make it larger again. Am I right??? Can someone help me reduce the picture and then change it back??
Picture Size

You can change the picture size, just name it something else when you save it. You will then have a pic file that is the original, and the new pic file which the edited size.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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