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What a fiasco this has been. A while back I posted something that two bassets needed a home - Miles & Millie. The owner had terminal cancer & died, his wife couldnt care for 3 dogs and was trying to find a home for 2 (those 2 were the latest additions just a couple years ago).

Super long story as short as I can: I tried Ohio Basset Rescue, they had no room to take them but posted it on their website. I picked up the dogs to take them to meet someone who contacted me & it was then I saw the dogs' health was not great. Both had terrible teeth (one was expecially bad), one had a sore on his back, both had fatty lumps by their hindquarters. (The owner herself eats donuts all the time & has no teeth so she probably thinks it's normal...) The interested couple looked at them & loved them but said they can't take on such a big vet responsibility at this time. I also tried the local stray shelter I got my new "short eared long leg" basset at. They were going to get the dogs vet care and help to adopt them. Apparently the owner's wife could care less, she put an ad in the paper & "dumped" them off on the 1st person who called - a mentally challenged couple on social security! The owner's wife said she called the APL but didnt bring them there because they wanted $35/dog to drop them off! What an idiot she is. The woman from the rescue place and I worked together to get the info on where she brought them, call the new owners. Eventually the new owners said they can't keep them so the local stray place found a foster out of a PA Basset org.

So all is well now, they were picked up yesterday & brought to the vet, after which they are going to the foster. I can't wait to see my neighbor and tell her what happened because of her stupidity. I've tried to be nice to her as her husband just died, as she seems one step away from being a shut in. She still has one dog and I am going to tell her if she ever plans to dump her to do so by bringing her to me.
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