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Ohhh... Gerald

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Came across this on youtube and had to share. makes Worm seem like an angel...

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Looks like a normal basset to me... at least like my basset. Carlos has destroyed two blackberries, ac and xbox remote controls, my pc power cord, insurance papers, and he will chew on my undies anytime he's got the chance.
He did all this behind my back. Like when I went to the bathroom for five minutes he chewed on my phone which I hid under the pillow, and when he heard I flushed the toilet he quickly got back to his previous position (in front of the bathroom door), acting like nothing ever happened. The phone was put back under the pillow, destroyed. Yeah as if I wouldn't have ever noticed.
:D:D Gutting myself at Carlos destroying the phone and then putting it back. In saying that, if it happened to me I wouldn't find it funny, but when it happens to someone else it is hilarious!
LOL he's very cheeky. Still I can't get mad for too long because of those darned sad, droopy eyes. I tried scolding him without looking at him but apparently it didn't work!
The only difference btw Woody and that dog is that Woody would have but it all in a pile....he loves my Bra's and tends to chew them up...the straps manly....and he has gone thru Laptop cords, cell phones, my glasses, countless rolls of TP, cell phone chargers, shoes, my wood cedar chest and the alot of the wood trim around my home......and I had once said he never destroyed anything major....geeeesh...but I still spoil him rotten....

He has me wrapped completely around his chunky monkey paw...
Carlos now has developed a new habit: hiding his loots inside his crate, under his pillow. I once found *ahem* durex lube when I was cleaning his crate. I have no idea what he was going to do with that since he no longer has any testicles :rolleyes::rolleyes:
lol @ Carlos. I like that he put the phone back destroyed. "Maybe she won't notice". :D
A cell phone, lots of toilet paper, newspapers and more newspapers, mail, a TV cord, a remote, yarn. All usually done in plain view, like he's thumbing his nose at me. The phone, he actually jumped up on the couch beside me munching on it.
HAHA! Boomer's all,"I borrowed your phone. I didn't think you would mind". Or "This is mine, right?"
I think Gerald's dog training Mama needs to invest in a crate for his safety :( After cellphones, money, shoes, and a pop can were shredded with my boy that solved the problem!
It reminded me of why I quit wearing bras. I got tired of chasing the dog around the yard or coming home to seeing a freshly dug pile in the yard with one strap hanging out of the ground. They all have a pervert inside.
My favorite part is when the lady is describing how he jumps and barks constantly like a crazy dog...yet, he is quietly eating a bag on his bed LOL
I kept finding myself wishing she'd take that plastic label away from him. He's happily munching on it. All I kept thinking was: "not everything that goes into a belly can find its way out."

But yeah, we can all relate to having a dog like Gerald.
A cell phone, lots of toilet paper, newspapers and more newspapers, mail, a TV cord, a remote, yarn. All usually done in plain view, like he's thumbing his nose at me. The phone, he actually jumped up on the couch beside me munching on it.
Boomah sez honesty is the best policy lol
Found all three chewing on parts.
haha, you basset pals are hilarious and SO creative... more productive than me. I destroyed one thing so far-- that is the wooden windowsill. it still has my teethmarks in it :) and i stripped the wood.

but yeah, no cellphones, as my person would be supermad at me.

CatherineM, TMI!!!! :eek:

This is the exact reason my dogs are crated when we can't supervise them. They're pretty good at only chewing what they're allowed to. We have lost one remote though when we left Doppler out all day long. For the most part they stay out unsupervised only if we're going on a quick errand.
WOW....As a new basset daddy, you guys are scaring me! I work from home so I can "Supervise" the puppy somewhat. Do bassets really eat everything that doesn't eat them first?
yep, just about :)

naw, but to answer your ?? here and on the thread you started, totally agree w/Doppler & Virga's mom to use the crate when I can't supervise. that means at least once/day when I get into the shower.

re: crate, might depend on your living situation. We had to because we are in apartment that isn't ours, and no backyard for Worm to be in. using crate and watching him like a hawk, he was housetrained at ~5-6 months of age, tho Mikey will tell you that ain't the norm. took us a total of 1 1/2 months, i'd say and a dozen accidents. we could not have achieved that without the crate in our circumstances.

also, Worm hasn't destroyed very much so far. at first, liked chewing slippers, socks, and the wall, but no destruction. only casualty was the windowsill as i mentioned below. but we do keep a pretty close eye on him.

in addition, Worm is super mellow, despite being crate-trained. he sleeps in the person bed. but stays in the crate 4-6 hrs/day 3 days a week, and when we're away on weekends. crates are super common in these parts, and also in cities like SF and NYC, and a lot of dogs are just fine temperament-wise. so long as a dog is not being mistreated using a crate (ie. not left too long in it, etc) i think it depends more on the dog's personalities.
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