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hey everyone, i havent posted in a little while smuttley has been taking up alot of my time.. :D He is such a sweet boy, I was wondering are there bowls out there that his ears wont go into? I been looking but cant find any, when he drinks they get wet lol i know with bassets and their ears being so long they do happen to get wet but just wondering if there bowls out there that might help that. I took him to his first vet appointment and he did well he weight 8lbs but the vet though he was under weight so ive been putting a big a weight on him. Also i was wondering how i can get him to stop rushing through his food and water he eats it so fast and drinks so fast i just want him to slow down a little. Now that i had him for a bit i am looking into getting another basset hound lol I cant just have one :D here are some new pics i hope you enjoy oh yeah p.s. here are some pics of his best friend p.nut the chihuahua :)


1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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