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Ohh Smuttley :)

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hey everyone, i havent posted in a little while smuttley has been taking up alot of my time.. :D He is such a sweet boy, I was wondering are there bowls out there that his ears wont go into? I been looking but cant find any, when he drinks they get wet lol i know with bassets and their ears being so long they do happen to get wet but just wondering if there bowls out there that might help that. I took him to his first vet appointment and he did well he weight 8lbs but the vet though he was under weight so ive been putting a big a weight on him. Also i was wondering how i can get him to stop rushing through his food and water he eats it so fast and drinks so fast i just want him to slow down a little. Now that i had him for a bit i am looking into getting another basset hound lol I cant just have one :D here are some new pics i hope you enjoy oh yeah p.s. here are some pics of his best friend p.nut the chihuahua :)


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They are so cute at that age. I use a tall and skinny water bowl designed for long eared dogs.
Wow he certainly is a good looking dog! And Peanut is a cutie as well. I think there are bowls called "Spaniel Bowls" that are designed for long eared dogs.
Adorable pics!
we use a slow food bowl-- that slowed me down a lot w/eating, and we still use it.

we use the one in this pic, and methinks Estha does too.

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Hey worm that is the same bowl I bought Flash :) I LOVE it, slows him down immensely! I bought it at a local farm store for 5 bucks, not too bad. Now I need a better water dish but they don't have what I want!

Before that bowl the food would be gone in the amount of time it took me to turn around, now he takes his time to eat it. He still tries to eat faster but it doesn't work so well lmao!
Smuttley is gorgeous --- what a beautiful face. We also think P. Nut is the sweetest little guy. What a contrast between the two. Is p. nut a member of the household and does he hold his own against those clumsey basset paws -- now that would be a picture p. nut paws beside Smuttley paws!!!!
I was wondering are there bowls out there that his ears wont go into?
if style and looks are important check out the post by Jerseygirl on long eard dog bowls if you want just utilitary Ask any pet shop for a Stainless Steel Spaniel Bowl Thy are bowl best describe as shaped like a valcano round pyrimidal shape the to is smaller diameter than the base and very effective in keep ears out of bowl I would avoid plastic food bowl because the incidend of plastic food bowl dermatis it quite high.

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Smuttley is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I'm so jealous you have him. I want him! Gorgeous.
Smuttley is so cute! Love the one picture with the cockateil, my parents have one named Spike.....we would let him interact with their schnauzer since gone to the bridge, he would walk over to the sleeping schnauzer and pull the hair between his footpads, poor doggie would wake up and just look at him and go back to sleep. The bird is now about 20 years old at least and I haven't had it interact with Annie yet, she seems like too much the hunter to tolerate any bird tormenting :)
What's plastic food bowl dermatitis? Beyond inflammation of the skin caused by plastic. ;)
What's plastic food bowl dermatitis? Beyond inflammation of the skin caused by plastic
pretty much nailed it though there is a school of though that platic easily gets roughed up and the scratches etc harbor bacteria that cause the problem. It is not a hugh deal but easily avoid by not using plastic.

Plastic Dish Dermatitis
he eats it so fast and drinks so fast i just want him to slow down a little.
good luck the do make food dishes to do this , feed from a tray rathe than a bowl if feeding kibble makes the dog work more as well. What i find helpful is a stick food like squah or canned pumpkin not simply dollup on top but the opposit but the canned vegitabll in first and push the kipple into it. it acts like a glue sticking the kibble to the bowl making the basset hovvering without vhewing kibble more dificult. Larger size kibble can help as well as long as it large enouhghj that requires the dog to chew rather than swallow whole.
I've never had a problem with Boomer gulping his food. He takes a small mouthful, and chews, you can hear him crunch crunch crunch.
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