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Off Topic/ Dead Thread

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there are a lot on this board at times. Maybe they should ALL be locked!!!!
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Don't tempt us! :eek:

I'll re-open the 2nd thread. Sorry for the confusion.
no problem Betsy,i think if people IGNORE the insults we can pick up some good info.there was some humor there just that some are more serious than others.learn to laugh people it will not hurt you!!! thanks for the job you did for the BHCA Betsy sorry to here you were giving it up.
Believe it or not... there are those of us who do learn and grow as pet owners by coming to this board :) While I mostly mind my p's and q's so as not to get stepped on too hard- I appreciate all the advice shared on this forum.

LOL!! Sorry didn't realize how difficult it was to edit!

-Wendy Thal (sorry forgot to sign )

[ August 30, 2005, 09:50 PM: Message edited by: Basset Momma ]
Thanks, Billy. Need to spend some time with the doggies--still haven't figured out how to get them to train themselves. :)
Billy when you get to be my age you'll find out how easy it is to get wires crossed. ;)

I second the thanks to Betsy for all the work she's done as Chairman of the Health and Research Committee.
oh Barb your not that old!!!!!
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