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Off to The Vet .. (Groan)

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Hi ...

I'm putting this here to start an Off To The Vet thread. Hope to see all the stories, pictures and vet adventures ...

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Poor little girl. :cry: Is she sick? I just want to pick her up and cuddle her.

Thanks for asking .... she's fine. that was actually a title I just made up fib cause it reminded me of her first trip.

Glad to hear it! But I STILL want to pick her up and cuddle her! :D

Originally posted by Sandy and Bo
Glad to hear it! But I STILL want to pick her up and cuddle her!  :D  

Can't ... it's still my turn!
Last year I took my two to the vet for their shots, Dozer's second, and Digger's first. They knew just where to go, before I could even closed the car door, they ran up to the vets door wanting to go in. They were on retractable leashes, but I didn't need them. Dozer even started to scratch at the door.
Everyone outside never saw 2 dogs wanting to see the vet so bad. I think it has to do with their noses, they could smell that other animals went in there.
José loves the vet too. It was exceptionally busy one afternoon & we were waiting what seemed like forever... everyone laughed at him because each time the door opened and someone came in (with a dog, cat, didnt matter) he wagged his tail so much it just THUMP - THUMPED on the wall. Everyone loved him but some didn't know when they see a basset about to shake... back up! The drool was flying.

When we finally get into the exam room, they leave the door open and we see technicians walking back and forth. José loves them all, and is so frustrated no one is stopping to see him. He keeps pulling this fake-yawn thing which is super loud as if to say "I'm here and I'm cute!"
Originally posted by Dozer-Digger
Everyone outside never saw 2 dogs wanting to see the vet so bad.
That may say a lot about the folks (including the vet) in the vet's office. Ever notice that people who work for a vet are caring even beyond the expected professional level?

Regards ...

Editing to acknowledge Jose comments are relative to this reply.
MIne also love going to the vet's. If I have to take one for some reason I'll usually bring some of the others just so they can say hello. It's also for my protection because they give me a lot of grief if I don't take them.

I always enjoy the people I meet in the vet's office. Yesterday I met a marvelous man whose dog had been mauled by a gang of dogs. The vet managed to save the dog and he should be doing fine. This guy had so much love for his dog - it was a joy to see.
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