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OBR--Chloe needs your help!!!

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From Ohio Basset Rescue. Having adopted one from OBR and been approved for a second, I am NOT happy about this. :mad:

Please help as you are able, and pass the word.

Here's the link to the OBR page


We may be facing a long legal battle to get Chloe back and OBR could use any donations for the legal funds for our fight to get Chloe back. We have contacted our attorney and he is on the case.

Clark Pizner, from Springfield Ohio, adopted Chloe the 8 month old basset that was on the web page. She was on the adoption page for quite some time because we wanted to find the perfect home for her since she was in a cage the first 5 months of her life at Petland. During a home visit, it was brought to our attention that Chloe was not in the conditions we were told. Clark is in violation of the will and intent of the adoption contract and will not surrender the dog. Clark even made the comment "that she might be missing" if we persue with legal action.

(Mods, I don't think I've violated any TOS or other rules, but let me know if I have.)

Many thanks!
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Sorry to hear about this. I've heard that breeders have a difficult time enforcing purchase contracts; I hope the rescue has better luck with this case. :(
Storys like that make me want to have a chat with that jerk, Soprano's style........

Hope Chloe is going to be OK
Sorry, I should have updated. They DID get Chloe back (YAY!!), seemingly none the worse for wear, but time will tell.

Rather than return her back to OBR, the dweeb took her to the pound, and OBR picked her up from there.

(With this kind of karma that he is building, I wonder what he will come back as....?)

thanks for all your good wishes.
With any luck when he gets old and toothless his kids will put him in a 3rd rate nursing home and forget about him.

Sorry, but I have no pity for jerks like him.
You're preaching to the choir--neither do I.

I just wish I could be a fly on the wall and see what the universe gives back to him.

*evil grin*
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