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With Bassets -I think basic obedience for a harmonious life together is essential :rolleyes: We took both ours to puppy class. But that was more about socialisation. A funny thing happened when we took Isabel - after several weekly meetings the instructor pulled us aside and said ' you should probably think about leaving at this time as I am going to start obedience training and every Basset I have had just holds up the class and causes frustration for everyone'.
Can you believe that ? ! The irony is that Isabel has been so easy to train, sometimes we think she is a poodle in Basset clothes. Lula on the other hand was great until she hit her teenager stage and we almost had to start over. We took her to a class called something like - Positive Training for the Impossible Dog - which was great and was mostly working on recall. I think it cost about £150 for 7 classes. :D
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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