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Obedience training

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When people talk about 'obedience training' are they referring to actual classes and trainers or just basic obedience, like teaching to 'sit', 'stay', 'no', 'heel'...etc that can taught at home? Taking obedience training classes, I would think would be expensive. My Dixie, although stubborn, has been pretty easy to train with basic commands. My new energetic 8wk old Australian Shepherd on the other hand? May take a bit more training.
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When I refer to obedience training for family pets, I mean a basic beginner course--a series of six to eight group lessons. Not only do owners learn *how* to train their pets in the basics, more importantly their pets are socialized during these classes and learn how to behave nicely and calmly in public. In my area, the local obedience club offers a series of six classes for $65. A series of eight classes at the local PetsMart was approx. $100 at the end of last year--don't know whether they've raised their prices.
I live in Mitchell, SD and the obedience classes here are done through the local 4-H program. They do the AKC "Canine Good Citizen" classes which teaches the basics sit, down, heel, stay, come, etc. with lots of socialization. You can check these out through the AKC on the internet, and I believe you will be able to find out if there are any in your area. The best $50.00 we have ever spent on Bogie Carter, who is great walking; sits when we meet strangers and other dogs; is at ease around kids on bikes and people in wheel chairs; can handle sudden loud clanging banging noises; is used to being handled by strangers(opening mouth and checking teeth, looking inside ears, picking up paws, etc.) ; walking through groups of kids and people; etc. which are all done at class and are a part of the CGC class socialization. We take him camping, into business that allow dogs, etc. and everyone comments on how well behaved he is. If you do any type of classes be prepared to work at home and do lots of practice with what they teach you in the classes. Well worth the money and time for a dog you can enjoy and be proud of.
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When I say obedience training I mean training obedience for high level competition.

Basic obedience I don't call training at all, as I find it sooo boring to train animals
that I just incorporate the training in our everyday tasks. I guess it still obedience
training, but it doesn't feel like it :p

By the way Mr. Runcible has trained be to give him treats whenever he sit up on his
bum. He just had to find the right incentive and then I give him fish.
Jackie has been through two obedience courses at Petsmart and is getting ready to start her third course before trying to get her CGC (Canine Good Citizen-Through AKC). The first two courses cost $100 and I highly recommend it...the first course is all about socialization and basic commands. The second course is more advanced commands. The third course is a review and also incorporates some tricks and fun things. I highly recommend at least the first course because it really helps you build a great bond with your dog. It also helped Jackie trendmendously because she is an only dog and I wanted her to be comfortable around other dogs and people.

If the money is an issue, I would check out the local Humane Society because they often have basic obedience courses for very little cost. At my old high school, the FFA would even sponsor classes at least once a year. The resources are out there, please think seriously about trying it with Dixie or your new pup.
With Bassets -I think basic obedience for a harmonious life together is essential :rolleyes: We took both ours to puppy class. But that was more about socialisation. A funny thing happened when we took Isabel - after several weekly meetings the instructor pulled us aside and said ' you should probably think about leaving at this time as I am going to start obedience training and every Basset I have had just holds up the class and causes frustration for everyone'.
Can you believe that ? ! The irony is that Isabel has been so easy to train, sometimes we think she is a poodle in Basset clothes. Lula on the other hand was great until she hit her teenager stage and we almost had to start over. We took her to a class called something like - Positive Training for the Impossible Dog - which was great and was mostly working on recall. I think it cost about £150 for 7 classes. :D
Thank you all for your responses. You all were very helpful.

Have a good weekend everyone. :)
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