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Nugget's Birthday party

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Here's our pretty girl's first birthday party!


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Absolutely adorable. happy birthday sweet girl.

I LOVE that last photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO SO cute!!
Nugget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Maaaannnnnny MORE!

You look so cute with your George of the Jungle birthday hat! Your mommy and sister are so nice to have cupcakes and ice cream for you! That last picture is priceless!


Janice and Ruby, "where's my cake?!"
:D :D Loved the last one kissing your little girl (or maybe licking the crumbs of her face :D )
Thanks for the nice wishes. Actually, the little girl in the pictures is my niece. She lives next door but spends lots of time at our house and thinks Nugget belongs to her too. The sweet thing is that Nugget came into our lives at a perfect time. My niece's family had a very elderly cocker spaniel who had passed away a couple of months before we got Nugget. Even though Nugget couldn't ever take the place of their pet, she filled some of the void in her own special way. She has truly become an extended family and receives much love to the entire family.
Great pictures and what a beautiful did you keep the birthday "pawty" hat on? When I had Moosie's "pawty, the hat came off in 2 microseconds flat... :lol:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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