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This poor guy. Bogie has been doing great, goes to the vet next week for last ACL check up, eight weeks since surgery, increased leash walks, no limping or favoring the ACL leg, and was doing great and ready for freedom.

THEN I walked him yesterday, and he did fine. About mid afternoon when he got up from his nap, he limped into the kitchen favoring the left front paw. I checked for stickers, looked for snagged toenail, etc., and he doesn't seem bothered when you move it. When he stands he doesn't put full weight on it. This is the slightly crooked leg that wings out a little.

Still the same today. I'm wondering about Pano. He had it as a 13 month old. Is he to old for this now, he was two in April?

I'm also wondering if he stepped on something and bruised it on the walk, etc. or twisted it somehow. He bounced around a little yesterday, playing with his duck. Poor baby! So I'm restricting what little freedom he had in the kitchen, back to the x-pen.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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