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Thanks everyone who welcomed me, thank you so much!

Jr. and I have been slugging along day by day, I did get so upset that I took him back for a few days to the kennel. BUT, we had bonded so I went back and got him and we are doing a lot better this time.
These kennel dogs have no social skills and it makes it very hard to work with them. I do a lot of very low keyed talking with dogs, people and wife’s trying to keep things running smoothly and it works with everything but the wife!!
This time around Jr. is doing a lot better and we are both a lot happier. I think he had time to think about some of the problems we had and he is trying to do a lot different then before. The vet’s wife said Jr. howled every night and wanted in the house. He would just lay at their door and cry, so he was ready to come back and try again.
I’m at my desk in the air conditioned office and Jr. is lying with his head on my feet. He stays close to me these days and he is taking it easy on the little dog who wants to play all day.

To Be Continued!!

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