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Not a morning basset

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I was just curious how your bassets wake up in the morning. Bowser (who now consistently sleeps with me..hehehe) Yawns, blinks, lays there. He may moan a little, whine a little, and move his paws or wag his tail, but his body is stationary. After some petting, talking, whining, he may lift his head and CRAWL a little bit across the bed...and then flop over on his side again. The cycle continues, and WILL continue for at least 10-15 minutes if you let him. Once awake, he IS awake, but he just won't get UP!
If you don't pet him, he will whine and whine...then get up off his side and crawl towards you...flop, whine whine...crawl, flop, whine whine, until he gets to your face so he can kiss you. And whines the whole time. Of course by then you pet him, and he flops over and stays still until you stop *lol*

Anyone else have a basset THIS lazy???
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Me and my basset have the same morning routine...when I wake up, he wakes him then he goes outside to potty. When he comes back in, I get myself done while he jumps back up in the bed to sleep. Once I'm done and ready to go downstairs he lays in the bed until I pet him, love on him and tell him that I will get him a "good boy treat". After that he is pretty wide awake. I don't blame any of em for being lazy in the morning, b/c I like being lazy in the mornings too, lol.
Mine are the complete opposite! When I let them out of their crates they go tearing through the house! They then get let out to do their business and that calms them a little but not very much. Mine aren't usually lazy at all.
Molly wakes me up in the morning between 7 and 7:30. Potties, eats, potties, then plays. She's adapted to my teaching schedule, which changes each semester. Right now, she just crashes out by 9 AM and is mellow until I get home around 3:30. She does her own basset thing all afternoon, playing, napping, whatnot. She's not crated or fenced off anywhere, but is quite well behaved. I guess she sleeps all day so she can play all evening, when her true puppiness comes out :)
Annie is majorly spoiled with human time since I have been unemployed for soo long. She doesn't wake me up, but I know she is awake watching me. She gets up when I do, to outside for potty and sniffing out a spot in the sun while I drink coffee and apply for jobs. Then we share some fruit and sometimes veggies, her favorite part of the morning LOL.
Our dogs have the routine of getting us up by at least 7am so they can have their breakfast. I think they have a built in clock because they KNOW when breakfast and dinner is. They will have breakfast, go out for a potty and then our princess Ms. Layla decides she will go back to bed in our bed. She roots around in the bed throwing blankets and pillows every which way until she finds that the bed meets her snuggly standards. She will typically sleep until 10 or 11am. Rosco will go back to sleep but only where ever we are. There are days, like today, were my husband Vic (aka vb3 on here) will get up, get ready for work, take care of the hounds and then help them into bed so they can sleep with me. Today we didn't rise and shine until about 10am....the only reason I woke up then was because I got and nice slobbery kiss from Layla!
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Opus is LAZY. He gets up around 7 or 8 goes out for a wee, rumbles back in, takes a tablet, has some milk and returns to bed for another three hours or so, then takes a late brunch. He loves his bed.
My guy has arthritis so in winter he sleeps in a crate which is covered in a heavy blanket to minimise draughts. Each morning at roughly the same time, I get up go downstairs and on passing open it, he usually saunters out in minutes with his tail wagging. If however I am early I am usually met with a 'grunt' and him turning his head away and I've known him to stay there for 30 minutes before he honours me with his presence.
if i'm up and running around, bowser usually wants to follow me and be at my feet...but it's still the getting up to even do that where he crawls around, whines a bit, looks off the edge of the bed, flops over...i usually come over and help him down because i dont want him jumping on his front foot, but that's not why he's waiting and slouching around *lol* he just doesn't want to get up!
He will sometimes wake me in the middle of the night or in the morning to get up and go pee and get breakfast, but even if he's the one doing the waking, he STILL acts like this. Just more insistently crawling to my face and more loud whining *lol*

I do believe i have the most lazy basset ever. He's perfect for me : )
Princess Buttercup usually pops up like toast whenever I get up. I think its probably because she doesn't want to miss anything! Even if we sleep in super late, so does she! Sometimes though I will get up, give her some good morning pets & she doesn't move! (This is usually after a full day of doggie daycare.) I finish getting ready for work & realize she hasn't moved a muscle. She has to go outside before I leave, so I grab her leash... & still nothing! I then usually go check her for a pulse, put the leash on her & drag her out of bed. What really cracks me up is that although she has the full run of the house at night she usually saunters out of her kennel in the morning & even though it's plenty big she gets out & stretches like she's been shoved in a shoebox! She learned to army crawl/downward dog stretch/scratch her back legs from my Grandma's weiner dog! She is super in to yoga! Its hysterical I will try & catch a video of her dragging her back legs.
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My husband gets up at 6:30 to go to work and I don't have to be up until 7:00 to get our daughter ready for school, LuLu is crated st night and there is a branket over the door of her kennal so that we can sleep other wise she'll be whinning all night lol anyways as soon as she hears someone on the floor she will start whinning and whinning until I get my *** outta bed lol then she pottys, does a lap around the house, then comes and eats breakfast lol then she lays on her bed until my husband gets home around 5:30
Mattie gets up any where from 7:30 to 8:30 in the morning, she starts a yawning and moaning and whining is how I know she is awake. She can't jump on bed anymore, which has its pluses and minus to that. But normally I will go to couch (if I am not already there from middle of night bathroom use from Mattie) and she wants some hugs and kisses before she streches her way to the door for a bathroom break, she normally comes back in and climbs on couch with me as I am watching the news and she curls up next to me and goes back to sleep and waits until i done breakfast so she can have a crumble or so milk and then back to sleep until around 11 or so.. lol Mattie is not a morning girl!!
I laughed at some of the lazy Basset stories. :) As young dogs, Sadie & Spencer were opposites. Sadie always took her good natured time in the mornings. If she were human, she would have had to have coffee & read the paper before anything else. ;) Spencer was my alarm clock - he got me up every morning between 5 & 6 am. As he aged however, his routine changed drastically & he became quite the lazy hound. I'd be up, showered, already had breakfast & ready to go to work before he'd even budge. I'd call out to him all the while, coaxing him to get up. Often, it took a treat to get him out of bed & more than once, I walked into work at the last possible minute because he wouldn't get up. My co-workers always got a kick out of it when they'd see me hurrying in. They knew why. :)
She learned to army crawl/downward dog stretch/scratch her back legs from my Grandma's weiner dog! She is super in to yoga! Its hysterical.
Virga does this too! We think my in-laws' Miniature Schaunzer taught her. It's pretty funny! She'll go just about the whole length of the hallway doing it.
oh that sounds adorable what bowser does!!

Ringo doesn't really ever wake up....he merely opens his eyes and goes outside to pee and then goes back in and sleeps again...that is pretty much his whole day/night routine :p

Ella alarm goes off at 5:40 and the instant the alarm goes off she is at the door whining to go potty. I take her out and then lucky her gets to crawl back in bed to snuggle with my boyfriend for another couple hours while I head off to work. On the weekends she wakes me up around 6:30-7 and I take her out and then we crawl back in bed to sleep some more. I am awake before her most of the time so I'll lay in bed and she'll wake up but will just lay there looking around for a bit, and by lay there I mean she doesn't even move her head just her eyes unless she hears something weird.

Once she is actually up though she up and running around like a psycho for a few hours
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When Yogi was a puppy and still in the crate, he would make little noises to let me know he was awake and needed to go out but when I would go over to the crate to let him out, he would not come out right away. He always wanted a lot of loving before he would come out. I always thought it was the most adorable thing ever because most pups are like, let me out of here! Now that he's older, he still likes a nice hello before he gets up (he sleeps in the people bed). Most of the time he doesn't get up early, he likes to sleep in, I guess. lol.
Most of the time, Boomer will get up when I do. Potty, eat breakfast, back out again, then back to bed for another hour or so. If I don't wake up early enough, he'll wake me up, and then fall into our routine.

On days I have to work, the routine is a little different; potty, breakfast, potty again, then crated until I get my break.

Wish I could be a SAHBM (Stay at Home Basset Mom).
I wish i could be a SAHBM all the time, unfortunately I'm now off submitting resumes. Bowser gets me back however, because he's now learned how to get in the trash can. He LOVES paper towels..i mean LOVES them better than food practically, and daddy left one hanging out of the he's learned it's the paper towel haven. Luckily the trash wasn't that full...BUT unluckily, there was a silica packet in there that he hate! (which had come from a dog treat bag, of all things!) He barffed all over the carpet, then pooped black for one big turd...
I probably would have freaked out when i saw he ate it, but my mother in law accidentally did the same think with our dog daisy once (she didn't throw up but did poop gel-diarreah for a day) so i know he's okay...Oh trust me, i'm not happy about it and i made sure he got a system clensing and lots of water, but sheesh.
Okay anyway my point is for now I am mostly home with him..and we are mostly lazy together : )
Obviously i CAN'T leave him, he gets into too much mischief!!!
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Anabelle sleeps until 9 which is breakfast time then goes back to bed. We keep screening her for various diseases but so far she is just lazy, not sick.
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