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Peanut and my doberman Pippin (ATB) did this all the time when Peanut first came to the house, they played "WWF" (at the time) in the living room. I still had carpet and a hide-a-bed couch (queen size). One day, Peanut was rounding the corner and Pippin body slammed her into the couch hard enough to lift the couch up off the ground into the wall. Didn't seem bother Peanut at the time..but w/in 2 days, she couldn't walk! I panicked and took her to the vet. I had just moved into the house and was broke at the time, I told the vet "I have 125.00 and that's it.", she said "don't worry, we'll figure it out. They x-rayed her and told me she had sprained her back pretty bad but would be ok in a couple of days. Also found out she had the beginnings of hip displaysia...yeah! All in all, cost me $126 and some change...some vets are more about helping the animal than the money..thankfully...

Peanut and Tarquin play rough, but no where near the way she played with the Doberman..'course Peanut outweighs Tarquin by about 20lbs...
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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