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It looks like Malaseb Flush is no longer being manufactured. Not happy about this, because it's one thing Murray could actually tolerate to cleanse his underarm yeast outbreaks. The Malaseb Flush is a Miconazole base with Chlorhexidine.

He can't tolerate anything with ketoconazole, or alcohol. What the vet finally came up with were Douxo wipes, 3% Chlorhexidine.

Any other hounds out there with super sensitive skin ? If so, what do you use?[/b]

You may want to try the malacetic wipes from dermapet however given the active ingredients it is definately as strong as miconazole or ketoconazole for treating an active yeast infection. they can howeever control/cure minor infection and with routine use act as a preventitive measure the active ingredients are 2% boric acid and 2% acetic acid so it is posible to make it yourself at home as well.

Susceptibility of Selected Otitis Externa Pathogens to Individual and Mixtures of Acetic and Boric Acids Benson CE
suggest that the boric acid levels of 2% are high enough to inhibt Candida (a common fungal infection along with Malassezia) but not high enough to kill it. which required 3.5% boric acid.

Efficacy of an Acetic Acid/Boric Acid Ear Cleaning Solution for Treatment and Prophylaxis of Malassezia sp. Otitis Externa
the 2% solution is effective in treating Malassezia when administered once a day but did not prevent reoccurance when used once a week.
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