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I am a new basset owner, and very excited about my little patito (tito for short). I am a little worried that the breeder I got him from lied when he told me patito is eight weeks old because he seems so small to me...does anyone remember what there puppies wieghed when they first got them?

Also he is a nipper I say ow and give him one of his toys but he doesnt really like any of his toys normally he rejects that and trys to nip me again. Any suggestions?

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Thanks everyone I was worried because he was so little (six pounds!).

I will keep up with saying ow and hope he catches on! Any toy suggestions, or do very little pups just not like them? I have limited options here in Guatemala but I can get someone to send me some.

I am sure I will have more questions for you all later! Thanks for all the help in advance!
Yeah but it is just a paper so I would not be suprised if he made it up because I think I made it pretty clear I wasn't taking a puppy before two months...It is hard here because dogs are not pets as we consider them they are tools. I am hoping to get the nipping to stop I keep saying ow and giving him something else but it has been a struggle so far.
Bowser is a year and a half old now, healthy weight at 50lbs...but when we got him he was a day under 6 weeks old, and was 7lbs. Boys tend to be bigger, but sounds like yours may have been a bit under 8 weeks, or else really skinny. REALLY skinny!
More than likely it was too young, just like ours!

He is not that skinny I think he must be young...did this affect your training?
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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