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I am a new basset owner, and very excited about my little patito (tito for short). I am a little worried that the breeder I got him from lied when he told me patito is eight weeks old because he seems so small to me...does anyone remember what there puppies wieghed when they first got them?

Also he is a nipper I say ow and give him one of his toys but he doesnt really like any of his toys normally he rejects that and trys to nip me again. Any suggestions?

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Flash was just over 8 lbs at 7 weeks old. my pic over there is Flash within the first week we had him, next to my 4 year old (who is big for his age lol).
Flash didn't catch on to what the kong was about at first, it took him awhile. So originally we stuffed it with wet food (easy enough to lick out). It got him used to it at least :)
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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