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:p I have been lurking here for awhile. I have been a basset lover through 5 hounds. I currently have two, but have fostered several also.
I am am generally a very private person who prefers the company of my hounds and a good book to that of company or tv.
Being almost ancient, I tend to be very conservative and opinionated, but am mindful to not be shrill or harsh.
Having said that I will probably be responding mostly to the informational and more serious posts, but I also very much enjoy reading all the light hearted banter and sharing that goes on here. This seems like a pretty nice place considering what all else is out there on the web.
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Hi and welcome from another "almost ancient"!! So glad you are no longer lurking and joining in the fun and sharing information about the Basset breed. I, too, am a book lover, listen to "easy listening music" , and watch very few TV shows. Do post pics of your fur kids!

This is Bogie's spot when I settle in with a good book.
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