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hello everyone! my family and i recently took in a 2 year old basset named Flash. and yes it's like the dukes of hazzard show, real original i know, but he knows his name so we just kept it. i don't know too much about him except that i was told that he was a stud from an apparently HORRID back yard breeder who told the guy we got him from that he had sired his limit of 6 litters and was no longer useful to him so if he didn't want to take him he was going to be shot in the head with a 12 gage shotgun!!!!! so one of my husband's employees took him so he would not meet the horrible cruelty of being shot, and had the intention of making him a hunting dog for his son. well this also turned out to be bad for flash because he was left in a kennel out back and the kid only fed him once or twice a month and wouldn't clean the kennel, or give him water much less the attention he is starved for. so flash went to his third home where he wasn't really wanted again. Finally he met my husband and he fell in love with flash when he ran across the shop and his ears went flopping and he did happy circles.

Flash now lives comfortably with us (inside of course) and now has friends: domino a great dane, callie and chloe his feline friends. he gets along with everyone very well. unfortunately we are having a house breaking and barking problem. we got him neutered last week and that nipped the humping the great dane problem but hasn't done much for the marking. and he does not like the crate at all. my neighbors told me he barks for the entire 8 hours we are at work. i don't like shock collars so i would only consider one as a very last resort and still i doubt i would be able to do that to him since he has had such a hard 2 years so far!

i do know that he's probably scared being in a new home with new smells and sounds and scary things like the vaccum and telephone and it will take some time for his personality to come out, but i need help with the barking and marking!

any advice would be greatly apprecitated and sorry this is so long winded, but i knew you all would probably understand. thanks in advance for any advice you could give.
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