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newbie here

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Please don't think i am a fussy person but I am trying to find out some things about Bassets. Have been told they are smelly/drool/snore so am trying to determine if these issues might be problematic. For instance I am retired and a light sleeper but love to have my dogs on my bed = would a basset make this difficult? As for smelly does a good diet help with this? My current adopted dog (large mix) certainly had an odor when I first got him but it cleared up with diet although he does have Frito feet which I find rather nice :) Drooling is not a problem. Thanks for your input, as I am no spring chicken I am trying to find a dog that will fit in and would love to give a good home to a rescue and have found a sweet basset that may be mixed with beagle but sounds delightful but before meeting him wanted to ask these questions. Thanks for your input :)
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My two dogs don't smell usually. The only the time I've noticed an odor is when they come in from outside and they're hot. I call it their sweaty smell. But normally they don't stink. As for the drooling, the only time I've really noticed it is when me or my husband are eating and they want some. That's really the only time they drool. After they drink we have to be aware of wet lips. Most of the water they drink falls back out of their mouths. And as for snoring, I've never heard either of mine snore. I hope this helps. But every dog is different. So just meet the dog and see if you and he/she get along!
Lightning usually smells like spring flowers. The cat snores louder than the dog, and Lightning does drool now but he had to have some teeth removed so he doesn't have anything to stop the drool. I wouldn't trade him for the world (but I also don't let him sleep with me because of the hair--you didn't ask about shedding).
Well I'd have to say our hounds don't have much of an odor at all aside from in summer when they do get yeasty ears if we don't clean them every week or so. This week I am actually watching my mom's Cavaliers and they smell much heavier than my bassets do... really I think they rather stink but they aren't really my type of dog anyway... cute but not something I'd pick for myself. As for the drooling... well our girl doesn't drool unless we are at a show and she gets all excited... our boy however drools all the time and flings it all over the walls. Snoring happens on occasion but not all the time and not loud enough to keep you up unless they are having a really intense dream. Some of them shed heavily others shed a couple of times a year and mostly in the tub. I say give bassets a shot... you'll never go back. They are a wonderful breed.
Molly only gets the "hound" smell when she is warm. Otherwise, I've noticed no smell. And yes, the ears will smell if you let them go too long (or if they get infected), but I clean them once a week and never notice a smell. Snoring...yes, I have a snorer, but it's not enough to keep me awake and I am very sensitive to snoring sounds. Not much in the way of drooling. Molly is a fairly clean, smell-free dog. Bassets are such a wonderful breed. Molly is my first, but certainly not my last. I highly recommend them...they'll steal your heart in an instant.
I think after a while we get used to the smell.
Boomer doesn't snore, and he isn't a big drooler. He does make a big mess when he drinks, though, water flying everywhere.
Lollypop will smell, but only after having rolled in manure. As for drooling, typically when we are eating and she is hungry. Slobber may fly when she shakes her head, but on the whole, nothing compared to say a Newfoundland or a Bloodhound. I would LOVE to have Lollypop sleep in our bed, but alas, I am allergic to dogs, so no slumbering with Mommy and Daddy. She rarely snores, and if she does, it's not nearly as loud as my spouse. If you are looking for a sweet tempered companion, a Basset is an amazingly loving and funny breed. You can't go wrong with a hound. Good luck!!
Ringo has an odor to him, but he just smells like a dog, it's nothing major. Ella doesn't smell at all really. Ella doesn't snore at all and Ringo mainly just breathes heavy, once in awhile I would call it a snore but it isn't very loud. Both of mine LOVE to be in bed with me, bassets are perfect for cuddling in bed :)
Cannoli doesn't smell that I notice, though once in awhile after playing with her I will smell a doggy smell on my hands. She doesn't have any issues with drooling either. Yes she does snore, the only time I notice it is if she is napping during the day. She sleeps with my daughter at night and never keeps her awake, and when my daughter is gone she sleeps with us and hasn't kept us awake either. She does take up a lot of space on the bed, but that's not unusual for any dog.
Rosco and Layla only smell after they are wet or messy. Layla sometimes smells a bit fishy when she needs her anal glands expressed. Yes they drool but it isn't too bad. The biggest two cleaning issues are after eating wet food (ears get in the bowl and need to be wiped) and after Layla drinks (she dunks her head into the bowl up to her eyes and usually a mop is required).

We let our hounds lay in the bed with us on sleep-in mornings and a little bit before we go to bed. They are really good sleeping buddies, and if you want a dog I haven't met a bad one yet.

I'm sure it's a unique thing with each dog but I have not met a basset owner who regrets getting theirs.
Try to find a basset rescue in your area and see about fostering. That way you can see if it's your type of dog. Maggie doesn't drool, has an odor once in a while and snores a little. She sleeps with us at the foot of the bed. Best dog I have ever had. I will be fostering a Basset soon.
Nitro's nickname is Frito. It is not a strong odor, but it has made me crave Fritos lol! He is almost 5 months old now and is starting to snore, but not as loud as my husband. He doe not drool, but he does make a huge mess when he drinks water. Those ears would make really good mops if I could only tame them...
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