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New Water Bowl

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We took a trip to PetSmart this morning. They had a puppy training session going on. We saw the most precious puppies. One was a 14 week chocolate lab!!!!!!!!!!!! He wagged his tail so fast, I thought it might come off! Also, Cat Call was there for their adoption program. The store was really crowded. Great social outgoing for the 4 hounds we had. Everyone stopped in their tracks when we walked in with 4 Bassets. The manager happened to be near the door and just broke up laughing at the site of us. He about lost it when he saw me with my Slobber Rag! He said with those 4 it must be Slobber Central!!!!!!!!!! I seems I'm always filling water bowls around here. So we came home with a cool water bowl/cooler. Check out their reaction or should I say, lack of reaction!

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I always wondered about those things. I would imagine you would change the water daily, right?

They have different sizes. The one I bought has a 1 gallon jug that holds the water. It refills as they drink. Mine will go through that I one day. If not I would definitely rinse it out well and put in fresh water. I thought it was a great idea.
I have the larger 3 gallon model, it works well with my two. It will last about 3 days. It's nice to have when you're not home to give them water.
But since Dozer & Digger have been drinking out of the toad infested pond, it's been lasting alot longer.
IS that one pretty sturdy? We got one when I first got Belly. He knocked it over and it flooded the kitchen. If this is a better one, I'll definitely head up to Petsmart and give it another try. I have to keep two bowls in the summer. They drink and drink and drink ...
I think it's a wonderful idea. My Gibbs drinks a lot of water. I have to fill their bowls several times a day. I should see about getting one of those...I have a PetSmart nearby.

I love the basset hound mat! Too cute! I couldn't have one of those water bowls with Gunny, he is so big and always running into to stuff. I can just see that bowl flying!
I absolutely love the videos you post! We still laugh about the tooth brushing video!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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