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New Trivia Quiz

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I little more trivia in nature than my last quiz. Looks to be easier too. Guest of the site are free to take the quiz without becomming members.

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6/10, better than average.

What about that basset hound in the old Maytag commercials? That one was a cutie.

What about that basset hound in the old Maytag commercials? That one was a cutie.[/b]
Couldn't find any info on that dog
That was easier?!? I guessed at 9 of them, and I definitely brought the average score down. I hadn't seen half the movies or t.v. shows on the quiz. So people like me won't feel so stupid, you need to throw in a couple of questions like:
A Basset Hound is a
(A) dog
(B) deer
© canteloupe
(D) none of the above

Edited to say: See? I can't even WRITE the question correctly.
My score was terrible. But then again the only TV I watch is the news, Food Network and HGTV!!! I haven't seen a movie in years!! Can't stay quiet for that long
3 out of 10! <_< <_< The only ones I got right were the two cartoon questions (Fred Basset and Bloom County - tow of my favorites) and the question that included "The Terminator" as a possible answer (which I just watched last Monday). The rest of them I literally had NO CLUE. <_<

I found it harder than the other quiz. Perhaps you need to be older than I am to remember some of those shows (or maybe I'm too old to remember them?).
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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