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I would have had a lot of trouble stopping my basset puppy Suzy-Q from jumping and climbing etc.... She was a nut from the start! She not only climbs on the couch, she perches on the back like a cat would do. She isn't exactly a puppy anymore, as she is nearing two years of age; but she sure acts like one. She is my instigator, and gets what I call "the rips" every night, when she riles up the other dogs, and they rip around the yard, and the house, if I don't put a stop to their roughhousing. No couch potato bassets in my house!!! You are quite right about the landing on the front legs. I hope it doesn't cause problems later in life, but they sure are more agile than any non-basset owner would ever realize!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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