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hello all, i just rescued Daisy from the local animal shelter.. she is a 2 year old that is the sweetest animal i have ever known! She is the 3rd Bassett I have owned (Floyd was first, then Boots, now Daisy) I found her purely by fluke. I went with a friend to PETCO and wanted to see if I could find a kitten. All that they had were these huge monster white cats that i didn't much care for. My friend suggested that I look up the local shelter on line and I found Daisy. She was a stray that they picked up.From the moment I saw her, I knew I had to have her! When I went over and met her, her eyes were teling me "let's go home, Dad." after the paper work and the spaying, i finally picked her up friday. I'm pretty sure by her meekness and how she cowers when i walk up to her, that her previous owners have abused her. She's a wonderful dog. she already has the run of the house and me. I woke up this morning to find her passed out on the couch. She hopped down and cowered again. I immediately walked over and sat down beside her and started petting her. I don't mind that she is on the couch. She still hasn't started talking yet, but that will happen in time i am sure. Anyhow, here she is!


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She is a beautiful lady. I think she is very lucky that you were looking for a cat. I go to Petco once a month to represent a basset rescue. I take my two basset Baxter and Bailey and we tell everyone about the rescue. It is fun day for all. Congrats on Daisy ,like I said she is just beautiful.
What a neat story! You two were meant for each other!
Welcome, neighbor! She is quite the beauty! Sounds like you are really enjoying her company...mine is crashed out on her bean bag...probably for the night and it's only 8:45! :D
She's cute. I'm glad she found a home with someone who understands how Bassets (and all dogs, really) deserve to live!
Welcome to the forum! We also found our Basset at the humane society. I have become a sucker for adopting animals from there as she was our second dog we had adopted.
I love the pictures you posted!
Thanks for sharing but more importantly thanks for saving.
" I'm pretty sure by her meekness and how she cowers when i walk up to her, that her previous owners have abused her."

A common assuption but most general wrong. Most fear which cowering is a sign is not because of abuse but a lack of socialization, Once past the critical period of socialization it is a self defense mechanism passed down by generations of wild animals to fear that which the do not know.

Adopting a dog with Issues

"Domestication depends on the presence of humans between 3 and 12 ± 2 weeks in the surroundings in which a puppy develops and this socialization must be continued throughout the animal's life. The lack of human contact between 3 and 12 ± 2 weeks fosters the development of fear/wariness of humans (feral dog).
The relative absence of human contact leads to relative handicaps, such as fear/wariness/phobia towards a type of human (children, men,...). "

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