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hello all, i just rescued Daisy from the local animal shelter.. she is a 2 year old that is the sweetest animal i have ever known! She is the 3rd Bassett I have owned (Floyd was first, then Boots, now Daisy) I found her purely by fluke. I went with a friend to PETCO and wanted to see if I could find a kitten. All that they had were these huge monster white cats that i didn't much care for. My friend suggested that I look up the local shelter on line and I found Daisy. She was a stray that they picked up.From the moment I saw her, I knew I had to have her! When I went over and met her, her eyes were teling me "let's go home, Dad." after the paper work and the spaying, i finally picked her up friday. I'm pretty sure by her meekness and how she cowers when i walk up to her, that her previous owners have abused her. She's a wonderful dog. she already has the run of the house and me. I woke up this morning to find her passed out on the couch. She hopped down and cowered again. I immediately walked over and sat down beside her and started petting her. I don't mind that she is on the couch. She still hasn't started talking yet, but that will happen in time i am sure. Anyhow, here she is!


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She's a beautiful houndette! Thanks for rescuing her. I'm sure with your love and care she'll soon forget her former life.
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