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New to the forum (Pictures) Charlie Boomer!!

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I'm new to the forum so I thought what better way to make a good impression then to post pictures of my wonderful Charlie Boomer :D ... ENJOY!

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He is adorable! I love the puppy photo where he is laying on his back! Too cute! How old is he now?[/b]
:) That was the first day we brought him home. He was sooo tired, you couldnt wake him even if you tried. He was born on November 30th 2007

Here are a few more from a few weeks/months back. He has grown so quickly!!

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He is precious, I love the picture of him running and his ears flapping![/b]
Thank you for all your comments...we are happy to be part of the boards! Charlie is definitely our joy and quite possibly the funniest dog we have ever had!

We look forward to getting to know all of you :D
Do all Bassets cross their legs like this while they sleep? :D I just took this about 5 mintutes ago.

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Charlie at the vet waiting to get his shot. <_<

Now that wasnt so bad was it?

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Thank you :p , yea he's a cutie pie alright. We could not get these undies away from him for the life of us yesterday, he literally wore them for 1/2 hour, running around the yard happy as can be, it was to much. hahaha. :p

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Charlie's first time out in the hills.......

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:p My girlfriend just asked me today if I noticed him getting any bigger, we both agreed he's filling out.

I had a great time with him out in the hills today, he was very well minded. I let him roam around unleashed and he didnt wonder off which was something I was worried about.. His nose was sniffing away on anything and everything, I think he was a little overwhelmed.. I noticed his tail laying down a bit limp, is that a normal basset trait in a unfamiliar area?

Here are a few more pictures..

See how his tail is?

Another snap shot of him in the truck......

Over looking Reno, NV (still smokey from the big fires :blink: )....

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Well, I had to put down my dog that I owned for 15 years Friday. I thought I could deal with it this pretty well but boy was I wrong... I balled my eyes out all night long. Its kills me to think he's gone forever.... Just saying his name inside my head makes me so sad.

We named him "Ito" because he was born durning the O.J Simpson trial. "Judge Ito" is Japenese and as you might know Akitas were breed in Japan so we thought the name fit ....... Ito's absolute favorite snack was beef jerky, he absolutly LOVED beef jerky!!! He could smell it a mile away and would go CRAZY just to get a piece.

Ito was very friendly and always wanted to play. Even at his old age he would try and keep up with Charlie Boomer (our young Basset). Ito was so young at heart and I think thats the thing that breaks my heart the most.

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