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New to the forum (Pictures) Charlie Boomer!!

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I'm new to the forum so I thought what better way to make a good impression then to post pictures of my wonderful Charlie Boomer :D ... ENJOY!

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wow...i think he's one of the most photogenic dogs i've ever seen...awesome pictures!! he's adorable in every single one of them!!
congrats and welcome!
Our Louie does cross his legs when he's sleeping...i find it so cute!!
I love your video, those red eyes are quite familiar...the more tired Louie gets, the more red his eyes get...soooo cute!! I love it!
i love the expressions on his face..
the first one is... "no mamma...PLEASE!!"

and the next one is..."well what do you think?"

he's such a beautiful boy!
my how he's grown!!! what a great picture of him in the car!
so sorry about Ito!! He sure was a cutie!! I'm sure Charlie will miss him too!!
1 - 5 of 31 Posts
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