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Hi all ..I'm new to the forum also just adopted a 8 yr old male basset his name is Stanley.We've had him now about 2 months.He is very loveable , moody, and funny as all get out.He has this thing about needing his belly rubbed ALL THE TIME or he'll throw a tantrum stomping his paws, whining the whole nine yards. I have a newcomer question we currently have him on frontline and hydroxyzine for the itching but he continues to itch his belly is red from irritation.We had him groomed a few days ago I've noticed an increase in his itching.I was thinking of giving him a bath. What type of shampoo do you all sugest using?Hopefully I'll have a some pics up soon of " my man".
Stanleyowns aka Dawn
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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