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4 Bassets, welcome to the board. I have a feeling that you are a true animal lover and take excellent care of your hounds. I got my José as a gift by my then-boyfriend who saw an ad with a low $, and went to look at puppies at a house someplace. He didn't know better. He brought me a puppy (if I remember right the puppy was probably too young) and said he was glad to get the puppy to give it a nice life better than the home he got him from. Did I say he didnt know better? He was not educated. I didn't really know any better either, I had no idea about anything from puppy mills to what age to get a dog to testing to anything. Any other dog or cat I've had was from the pound. I have been accused of loving animals more than humans. Used to be vegetarian (animal reasons), I am so sensitive to any animal abuse story it gives me nightmares. I chase down stray dogs.

My point is this: We can't educate someone if we put them on the defensive and attack them. Consider the motives and the heart of the person, and be gentle. If the result turns people away then this "education" is not working!

I think 4 Bassets likely has a good heart and loves animals. I don't think she is stupid. I do think there are probably a few things that she will learn that will make her handle things differently in the future and isn't that what education should do. I hope 4 Bassets is open to conversation and I hope we can all accomplish this without making anyone feel attacked.

Just my 2 cents.

PS- José died of cancer at only 5 years old in March. From the insight I gained on this board and elsewhere my next dog will be a rescue.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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