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New puppy!

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I finally got my Branscombe puppy! She is a SPITFIRE! Sire is DCH Westwind Sundance TD MHE VC and the dam is Meahl's Skyline Jennie (pointed in show and field). The pedigree is to die for. Her name is Emma (aka Branscombe's No Place Like Home). She's 10 wks. old and a pain in the butt! And we love her to pieces. It's so good to be back in the game. Dean, see you Labor Day weekend! Is there an age limit in entering AHBA? I'll be there anyway. Take care all, Belinda.
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B) No age limit -- you're still young enough to enter a hound :rolleyes:
Ha, ha!
Congratulations! It sounds like Emma will surely be a winner. I'd love to see some photos of this beautiful girl! :D

May I help You.............

OK, here's my advice. Depending on how much patience, time, and willingness you have to raise a puppy, pick your dog with that in mind. A bigger puppy will pee alot more, and is harder to keep after. Certain breeds are harder to train than others. Some dogs are more active and are much harder to train, so make sure you don't get a dog that you don't have the ability to let them get their customary level of exercise -- for example, if you plan to keep your dog indoors and walk them 1-2x per day, don't get a border collie. If a dog is underchallenged athletically, this will result in behavioral problems.

Make sure u have lots of patience, play with them alot, start training them ASAP (its way easier the younger u get them going), and remember dogs train for food. Don't bother yelling at them when they pee, cuz no matter what anyone says, yelling at them after the fact does absolutely nothing except make them permanently afraid of you. If and only if when you catch them in the act, THEN you should let them have it, cuz they will put 2 and 2 together. Otherwise reprimanding after the fact is useless and harmful (the dog does not think the next time, "oh I better not do this again, I will get yelled at.") The best way to get them into good patterns is to reward them for good behavior.


I have 2 7-month old pups at my house :)
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Congratulations! to Belinda, you get Emma. I like puppies very much. When you get a dog you should provide as much interest as possible. If she has a exercising issue do not outcome into real discomfort take them to training center or a physician.
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