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New Puppy Questions

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yesterday was Belle's first day with her new family. We are enjoying all the things that come with puppy expecially bassets.

When it was bed time we have one of those sound machines that make noises. Belle seemed to like the crickets. I checked on her several times and she was sleeping

I know and realize that she is away from what she has known all of her
young life and cries. We try to distract her with her toys, but I am curious
how long this will last ? It just tugs at my heart when she whines. We rub those great basset ears and assure her everything will be all right.

Any ideas would be appreciated and how long the tranisition will last ?
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Congratulations on your new basset. You didn’t mention where you have her sleep. Is she in the same room as you’re in or another room? My bassets are the first dogs I’ve ever used a crate with for a few reasons – when we got Flash as a puppy and put her in the crate for bedtime – she would also cry – when we moved the crate into the bedroom with us the crying stopped. It appeared she just didn’t want to be alone.

Oh, please add some photos – can’t get enough of puppy photos :D

Best of luck to you with your new addition and congratulations again!

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