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What a cutey!! :p We feed our 5 month old Charlie, Wysong Growth, ever since we just got him at 8 weeks of age, and we will keep feeding him the same until he is 1 year old, and then after we'll be feeding him Wysong Maintenance. It is very expensive too. It is also extremely rare to find Wysong in Pet stores thats why we have to order it from California. Alot of Vetinarians don't even know about it. The Breeder that we got Charlie from (hullabaloo bassets) have owned and bred bassets for almost 20 years, and she has tried ton's of different kinds of food, and then the best one on the end was Wysong. She has been feeding her bassets Wysong for about 15 years now and she is extremaly happy about it. Thats why she recommended us to use it. We are also very happy with it. Charlies coat is extramaly shiny and healthy looking and he is very happy!! We feed our last basset hound Freddy, Nutro, another good product recemended by lots of vets.

Too prevent bloat= If your basset pupp (like eny pupp) loves to eat alot and eats very fast then after he eats make him take a little nap or brake before play time.

And you should be feeding your new basset pupp 4 times a day, here is a scheduale

0-3 months - 4 times a day

3-6 months - 3 times a day

6-12 months - 2 times a day

Over 12 months - 1-2 times a day

Oh ya, and that is the same thing with our Charlie. He dose not drink after he eats, he tends to wait a while. Sometimes it can be bad if the dog drinks to fast, so that's why I sometimes give Charlie ice cubes instead. (he just loves them) :p
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