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Hi Mary and welcome! What a cute puppy, and cute kids too!

Proper nutrition is important right now because he's growing - my suggestion would be to feed a high quality puppy kibble, and follow the quantity recommendations on the bag. At that age I think 3 feedings a day is recommended. (Now that Murray is an adult he eats twice a day, around 7am and 5pm)He should have access to water at all times.

Pups love routine, and getting him on a potty schedule will help with housebreaking. Besides taking him out to his potty place when he wakes up and after each play session, he should probably be taken out every hour or so at this point. Take him to his place, and when he goes, praise him and bring him back in. Bassets take a long time to housebreak, so don't get discouraged- the schedule will help. Personally I ignore potty accidents, clean them up with vinegar and water so that he won't be attracted back to the spot he soiled, and praise praise praise when he goes outside in his place.

At night, I always but a new pup in a crate next to my bed, with a nice comfy blanket. When the pup has to pee, he will fuss a little because he won't wantt to soil his bed. Get up, take him to his potty place, praise, then go back to bed. At this age he is a baby and you will have to get up a couple of times each night, but it's worth it bcause you are teaching him that when he signals you, you will take him out to potty. This is a huge help with housebreaking.

Bassets respond best to praise when they do something right, not punishment when they do something wrong. They are very social, and love to be with family.

Good luck, be consistent, and keep us posted on how it's going!
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