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This has always worked for me:

At night I've always slept with a young pup in a small crate with comfy bedding by my side of the bed. When the puppy has to pee he will fuss because he won't want to soil his bed, I get up, take him outside to his potty place, tell him to tinkle or whatever word you're using, praise, then carry him back upstairs to his crate. With young pups you'll probably do this more than once each nite.

This method teaches the puppy that when he fusses you will take him out to go to the bathroom.

When we are home the puppy is with us, not crated, and on a strict potty schedule- every hour or so. When active, young pups have to go more frequently.

If we aren't there, I set up a puppy proof area with a gate, papers on the floor for him to pee, and his crate with the door open with soft bedding and a toy like a stuffed kong which will keep him busy for hours. The kong, stuffed with dog treats, is given ONLY when he's left by himself so that it gives him something to look forward to when you leave.

This method has worked for me for many pups over the years. By doing this, the crate becomes a friendly comfortable place, not a lonely place where he pees. Also, by giving the stuffed kong only when he's left alone, it gives him something to look forward to when you're gone.

Good luck with your new pup and let us know how it's going.
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