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Also, he wants to eat the wee wee pads
If you want the dog to be paper trained wee pads are fine but if eventual you want a "house trained" dg then using an intemediary step like paper training is only going to serve to confuse the dog, best to train the behavior you want from the beginning.

We are crating him and he whined for about 15 minutes when we went to bed
if the problem is at night see Creating a night time ritual

if it is more a generalized behavior or creating tolerance on the crate then the following should help
Crate Training

Crate Training

I don't have any answers, but what is reasoning behind crating a pup, and is it necessary?
A crate is a training tool and a safety device, as such us use is not necessary it is optional.

For those of that show dog it is a boadering on necessary as a mean of creating a secure place for the dog in random and unique setting. It is also a sfety device while traving as a dog in a secured crate is much safer than a loose one in an acident and even more so after one in which the dog is more likely to be aggitated an fright near a busy road, recipe for disaster.

It can be a powerful training tool. One trainer has developed basic foundation skill around the crate Crate Games for Self-Control & Motivation

A Crate can be a useful management tool in house training and preventing destructive behavior.

At the same time a crate as any tool can be abused. It can be used for too long creating social issolation which can do serious damage to a dog. There are also some myth about the crate which can hinder house training as well. The biggest being a puppy will not soil a crate. There is not a puppy on the planet that can hold it indefinately at some point it has to go, Once this happens the crate start to lose its value as a house training tool. Also pet store puppy and other raise in cage confinement have deficated in the crate on numerous occasions to the point that for some it becomes the actual preferred place to go.
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