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new pictures

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Sadie likes to stomp the ants with her nose, it's so funny to watch her.

Sadie working at the computer, she took my chair over when I got up to get a pop.

One of Sadie's sleeping positions

Sadie posing by the flower basket

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Great pictures! The one at the computer is too cute.
Great pictures and Sadie is such a pretty young lady. Do you suppose she is Googling for Cyberhound???

Aroooos from Bogie!!!
Love the flower pic! Looks like a screensaver to me!! :D
Sadie is a heartbreaker!
She's a cute one alright! The pic at the computer... she's still a little pupster yet :lol:
And the sleeping position, you can't get anymore "classic Basset" than that. I think every hound on here sleeps that way at least some of the time!
Does Sadie have a boyfriend?

Hi Sadie, i'm General. Nice to meet you.
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General is so cute, I love the picture of him fishing. I'm sure Sadie would love to run & play with him.

How old is General? Sadie is just over 5 months old.
He's a year and 1/2, born Nov 12th 2004
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