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New pictures

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Some pictures I took of Sadie & Max yesterday. My daughter put that red bandana on Max and I thought he looked so cute I had to get the camera out. Sadie loves to sit in that rocker and watch out the front window.

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:) Great pictures of both Sadie and Max. :) They are such beautiful hounds!!
Beautiful dogs! I love your avatar with the "back" view!
You have 2 good looking hounds! Max has a very handsome face, and everytime I see your Sadie, I think of mine - my Sadie was marked very similar to your girl. :)
Great pictures. I love how Sadie had to find some way to look out a window. :lol:
They are so adorable and cuddly looking.

They are so adorable and cuddly looking.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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