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New pictures of Jackie...adorable!!!

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Well its two weeks until gotcha day...the breeder sent me new photos taken during Jackie's first bath and afterwards. She is a month and three days now. :D The breeder said she was the most well behaved in the bath out of all the puppies...which is good news for me. :D

I'm so proud of my little princess already :D

On to the pics...

Jackie's first bath:

All clean!!!

Cold and wet but still adorable!

So cute!

Even cuter!

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Oh, my. Made my day. :D
Nothing can beat a basset puppy! :D

I'm sure you're counting days until arrival!
She is cute! I must say if our calculations agree and she's one month and three days and her gotcha day is two weeks away she's still too young to leave her litter. Socialization between littermates between 6-8 weeks are crucial in a puppy's developement.
Bassets3: I understand your concern and I have discussed this with the breeder. She has been breeding bassets for seven years and she perfers to have them picked up at six weeks. I believe it is because of exactly what you said; puppies grow the most socially between four and twelve weeks old and early introduction to the home and other animals in the household during this age can lead to solid friendships.

I have already enrolled Jackie in a puppy socialization class so that she will have other puppies to run around and play with as well as beginning some training when she gets older.

I also got my golden at six weeks when he was a puppy and he has grown up into a wonderful dog. So, while six weeks is young, I believe that Jackie will be fine. Thanks for the concern, that is one of the reasons why I like this board so much, because people care :D
She is adorable!
She is beautiful. Gosh I remember when mine could fit in a sink.
So cute, mine is only 11 weeks old and she is still a cute puppy but in the short weeks she has grown so much, she was uprgaded from the bathroom sink to the kitchen sink though for bath time.

Oh my! She melts your heart!
Originally posted by daisy8869
She has been breeding bassets for seven years and she perfers to have them picked up at six weeks.  I believe it is because of exactly what you said; puppies grow the most socially between four and twelve weeks old and early introduction to the home and other animals in the household during this age can lead to solid friendships.
Bwahahaha! No responsible breeder sells basset puppies that young. She's selling them at that age because she saves on dog food and vet costs. :roll:

What is the right age to bring a puppy home and why?

She is just adorable. We didn't get Sadie until she was 11 weeks old and she was pretty big by then, she is just over 5 months now. It would of been nice to have gotten her a little earlier, that puppy look is so cute and they grow out of it so fast.

This picture was probably about 12 weeks old.

She's just about 5 months in this picture.
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Re: hmmmmmm...

Originally posted by Louise
What is the right age to bring a puppy home and why?

The earliest responsible breeders will let them go is 8 weeks, but most keep them until between 10-14 weeks. Pups learn a lot from their littermates during this timeframe, one critical lesson being bite inhibition. If I had a nickle for every post on this forum about puppies that haven't learned to inhibit their nipping and biting...

This is also the most important socialization window, and responsible breeders usually do a much better job of socializing their puppies than the average pet owner. A well-socialized dog is a dog that is less likely to react unpredictably and negatively to unfamiliar experiences.

Responsible breeders have often started potty and leash training with their pups, resulting in a smoother transition into the new home. :D
Oh what cuteness !!!
I wish we had our Roxy when she that small. She was already four months old when we got her.
You know in many states it is Illegal to sell a puppy before 8 weeks. I know in NH and MA it is. Not to say BYB haven't done just that.
My son and DIL bought a Weimeramer from a "breeder" that shows all over. They got him at 7 weeks against my better judgement. Her reason was Weims do well leaving the litter early. Baloney!! She had shows in the Mid west to attend and wanted to get those puppies out before she left. That's my feeling. He is now four years old has been to obedience, agility and who knows what else and he does not do well with other dogs even though he has an older Weim in the house. They can not take him anywhere with other dogs. He gets so intimidated and I blame that missing week. When you think about it in dog years, a week to us is at least a month in a dogs life.
Anyway, I am glad to hear your puppy will be going to puppy class ( though they may have a minimum age) Hopefully it will help her somewhat.
I firmly believe that my breeder is responsible. She is a member of the BHCA and from everything she has told me and showed me with pictures, she is a professional.

Jackie has already been started with the housebreaking by being inside and using a doggie door to go outside. Her mother has been showing her and her littermates how to use the door and to use the bathroom outside. Also, this is the dame's second and last litter. My breeder only breeds each of her females twice and at least two years apart.

I have seen backyard breeders and they do not care about their puppies. I have spoken with my breeder and you can tell she loves her puppies. She asked me several questions before letting me buy Jackie.

Also, she requires a spay/neuter contract and offers to keep Jackie in case something should happen and I cannot take care of her.

I have seen pictures of Jackie's mother and father, both of which are well kept and have access to indoors and outdoors whichever they prefer. I would never purchase a puppy from a breeder that I had the slightest feeling was not responsible.

Before selecting this breeder, I contacted eighteen breeders in North Carolina and Virginia. My breeder was one of three that met my standards and the only one with a litter until next year.
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meh. anyone can become a member of BHCA, if they're willing to pay the dues and sign the code of ethics.

but whether they adhere to ethical behavior is another matter. quite simply, the proof is in the pudding. and selling a puppy at five weeks is proof the breeder does not adhere to ethical behavior.

now, under extraordinary circumstances, it might be alright --- say, if there were a catastrophe of some sort, and the mother of the pups died or became profoundly disabled and the owner, swamped with tragedy --- say, as the result of a fire or natural disaster.

even then, though, an ethical breeder would have enough contacts in the basset community to be able to place the pup in circumstances which would at least simulate the original doggie family.

these are some of the most critical weeks of a pup's life, in terms of socialization. in addition, puppies are fragile and need the constant care of their mother and littermates, as well as their people.
Loving one's pets is not useful in determining whether a breeder is responsible or a BYB. As often as not, BYB's are breeding much loved pets to one another, or a much loved pet accidentally becomes pregnant. Irresponsible breeders are distinguished by their lack of commitment to breed welfare.

Unfortunately, neither is BHCA membership as useful as it should be. A few years ago, BHCA developed the questionable practice of voting in applicants who lacked sponsors. BHCA membership is sort of like AKC registration--it's a start, but it's not a guarantee of quality or responsibility. :(

Spay/neuter and mandatory return clauses, health screens on parents, and a health guarantee that's more than just window dressing are all points in favor a breeder being responsible. :) As has been mentioned earlier, selling six week-old puppies is not a characteristic of a responsible breeder. :(
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