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Find treats she likes and keep them handy. Bassets can be bribed.
Bribery is a very slippery slope when it comes to training. That is
1. you get compliance but not learning

2. It requires have a bribe in hand to get compliance

This lead to the lememant by non-food using trainers that thoses that use food rewards are always stuck using them which is not true if you don't bribe but is true if you do.

In stead of bribeing us food as a lure at first. That is say your teaching a sit. Put food in your hand . place hand in front of the dogs nose. Slowly move the food To the rear of the dog head and up just slightly. As the dog follows the treat with its head moving up and back it has no choice but to sit to maintain balance as soon as the sit occurs give the dog the treat. The most imporant part of luring however is removing the lure as quickly as possible an replacing it with a reward that is presented after the desired behavior not before. This is done after follow multiple repetition with a lure. Simple perform the same gesture without the food. The dog is likely but not guaranteed to excute the behavior if it does reward big time. Multiple treats. Then Continue training the gesture with out the lure. Pretty soon you have a physical cue to sit. By luring, fading the lure and rewarding the behavior instead of creating the behavior only in the presence of food like a bribe. You create the expectation of a reward even if no food is present. This mean when the dog is calculation the advantages and disadvantages of complying the presences of food is low on that list because of a high number of occances when the food reward happens even though it was not out in the open to start,.

when I had beagles they were stubborn, but with bassets I think there is a more subtle thought process involve.
I have trained 4 bassets and 3 beagles in agility, Of the four bassets 3 have reach the top level of competition in at least one venue and the fourth was retired early due to a minor injury the beagles on the other hand I got one a single novice title. I find training bassets infinitely easier than training beagles.

they think: "Can I do that?, Do I want to do that? What's in it for me?
the last being the most important. but this is true of most so call "hard to train" breeds you might find the following interesting on just this subject. ie, the questions dogs ask.

Hard to Train?

A look at "difficult-to-train" breeds and the reality of what shapes these canine minds.

it may require a subscription/registration to the site to veiw article but it is free and you will not be innundated with spam if you do, it isa means for the author to control copyright.
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