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New one year old thinks cat is prey!

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Help us keep him! Our foster boy, Jethro, has been with us for a week and our normally very mellow, confident cat runs when the dog barks which thereby propagating a vicious cycle of incompatibility. Cat stays hidden. Keeping the dog rests partially on whether the cat can coexist with him in some semblance of normal life. Looking for advice, tips and anecdotal encouragement or discouragement. Thank you all.
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Does the cat have a safe place to go to? A place where the dog can't follow. For instance, you could try putting a baby gate in the door of one room and either raising it enough so the cat can get under it or show the cat that he/she can jump over it and the dog won't follow. I think that might cut down on the chasing because when the cat is sick of it, they could escape to their room. I don't know if this is feasible in your set up but it might be worth a shot. Good luck!
Bassets have a hugely loud bark to those who are not used to it. I also suggest setting up baby gate oand /or other basset proof excapes so your cat can get away to a safe a quiet place away from Jethro whilst he adjusts to what is propbably just Jethro's way of trying to be friendly & communicatetive in the VERBALLY LOUD way that only bassets can.
I have baby gates set up so that the cat can get through but the dog can't. Does your cat have its claws? If so, I wouldn't worry about the two learning to co-exist. I've yet to hear about a basset that got the better of a cat. My cat was very shy when I brought him home, and now he and Lightning are BEST friends. I would give the cat time to get used to the dog, and to assert his dominance over the dog.

Thanks to all who have written. We'll put up a gate and hope for the best here. The cat was stunned in a spot by Jethro and instead of bolting, hissed a few times which I found promising. Of course, Jethro barks ad whines nice and loud. Even his sniffing around for the cat is loud. I can almost hear him "hear, Kitty, Kitty" Will also get some piping or a box the cat can get into and show him some high spots he hasn't noticed yet in the house where he could escape to when necessary.
My last dog chased my cat at first, but when he caught up with him he only stared at him and nothing else. The cat soon realised that he was all bark and no bite and quickly became the boss.
tips and anecdotal encouragement or discouragement. Thank you all.
I have owned basset that have gotten along well with cats but they were all brought up with them as pups. My current ones especial my harrier which has killed two skunks I would never trust with a cat. Without knowing the history of the dog You are putting a cat that has a reduced fear of dog in danger unless you complete and securely issolate the cat from the dog. A Baby gate is far from secure.
Molly thinks the cats are funny looking puppies and tries to play with them. One avoids her completely, another stands his ground, and a third chases her right back. We also have a 4th cat who is 14 and she is the one I worry about. Molly's size and desire to play are often too much for this cat and we break it up quickly. So, it depends on the cat, but I am all for letting them work out their relationship for themselves. I supervise the showdowns and end it if anyone, including Molly, is in danger of being hurt. Molly is limited to the downstairs, so the cats can hide upstairs if they need it. The basset-cat relationship is still working itself out, but the cats sleep next to her and drink her water with no issues. As she grows up, I am hopeful Molly and the cats will have a peaceful relationship.
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