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Hello all, I've been lurking here for a few weeks now. What a great forum! I had basset hounds in the past, and never really got over my loss (I'm sure you all understand!). A few years ago we inherited an abused German Shepherd that we loved dearly, he came a long way with us, but we lost him last summer. My now 10 year old son was devastated by the loss of "his" best friend and started asking for a puppy at Christmas time. My initial reaction after we lost Major was that I would never have another dog (it hurts so much to see them go), over time I revised my stand to I will only ever have another Basset. I have been watching breeder and rescue sites for the last few months, but really hadn't made the leap.

About 6 weeks ago we were in the car and my son started to cry, he said that the song we were listening to made him miss Major (specifically the line "...and I see you, every time I turn around"). That broke my heart and pushed just the right buttons. I continued monitoring various sites, and then I spotted Mayzie. I made contact and was presented 3 options... 1 was ruled out right away (she was a beauty, but didn't speak to me), and I wavered over the other 2, but Mayzie just really called out to me!

I never told the kids I was even considering a puppy. I made the decision sent a down payment and made plans to drive the 9 hours with the family in 2 weeks. Well.....the stars aligned and my boss (a private charter pilot) ended up flying to the closes airport to Mayzie that weekend - and brought her home for us!!!

She was a wonderful surprise and we couldn't be happier!!!

Sorry for being so long winded in my story, and thank you all for sharing your stories and ideas!


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