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New house and yard

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Hello Everyone,

I havent been posting lately. We bought a new house and moved this week. Before we moved in, we fenced in a large portion of the yard, making it over twice the size that the "boys" had at our old house. They are so happy! They were so cute, running and rolling in the new area. We also installed a "Doggie Dooley" (septic tank for dog poo) and so far so good with that. There is a dog next door who is very friendly; her owners are dog people too and she came to visit today. We think we will let her visit inside the fence and see how it goes. I'm going to let them get acquainted through the fence for a few days. Elmer and Button are so friendly I know it won't be problem. Elmer fell in love instantly and whined and howled when she went home today. Too funny!

I will try for some pics and soon as I unearth my camera!

Hope everyone is doing well. I've been reading all the posts, just havent had time to post anything myself.
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