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I like the idea of railroad ties aroung the bottom of the fence, that should work. I generally think they look good too. Much better than cinder blocks, for sure.
I don't have an electric fence, but I've heard mixed results with them. Apparently, some dogs think the brief shock is worth it to go adventuring.

Before I got Dudley I had to re-do my whole fence. It's split-rail with coated mesh wire stapled to the inside. I read somewhere (quite possibly here) what to do.

When putting up the new wire mesh, I first dug a trench about 6 inches deep along the entire fence line. Then when I was rolling out the new wire mesh and stapling it to the split rail, I had the bottom of the wire extended well below ground.

Even though I ended up with non-digging hounds I'm still glad I did it this way. If they had been diggers, it should have kept them in.
Since I now have a neglected/borderline mistreated Pit Bull next door, the fence serves to keep him out.
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