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We made him a bed at the foot of our bed and he slept there all night. NO ACCIDENTS, so I guess he is house broken. ![/b]
Not necessarily just like humans and all mamals, dogs produce less urine and in a more concentrated form when sleeping so they can go a lot longer without an urge or need to go. This says nothing about what happens when the dog is active. It is better to assume he is not housetrained and loosen the reigns when he proves he is rather than let him have acess to the whole house when he is not.

Housetraining Your Puppy
A 12 wk puppy who is busy playing may need to urinate every 15-20 minutes, whereas a resting puppy might go for an hour, and a sleeping puppy can go 8 hours at night. Activity makes urine! Activity makes urine! Repeat this 10 times, slowly. This is a very important lesson for new puppy owners.[/b]
Jean Donaldson's Top 10 Dog Training Tips
Start off "tight" and slack off later, rather than letting him run wild for the first few weeks and then clamping down when the behavior isn't so cute anymore.

Don't wait for him to develop bad habits, like chewing the furniture or urinating on the carpet, before you intervene. Assume this behavior is likely to happen, and act preemptively to manage it before it develops.[/b]
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