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Hello, I am Robert, a Central Texas Senior with a female Basset Hound. Years ago I babysat my daughters Basset Hounds and got hooked on them. So, I adopted 2 rescue Bassets which quickly became part of the family. One was a pampered princess that came with her chair, bed, toys, food bowl. The other was just left behind when her owners moved way. No food, no water till a neighbor took her to a Basset Hound rescue in Austin.

She would flatten out whenever I picked up a ruler, phone as if I were going to beat her with it. She was so sweet, so friendly and so afraid. It took six months for her to come around. But one day it was if a switch clicked in her brain and she thought “Ok, I am safe and loved here.”

The princess missed her family greatly. They must of had kids, for kids were a magnet attraction to her that she never lost. She did love my grand kids. But she did miss her first family. The princess died of old age, the other of medical conditions...her back. She had a operation....I would point to her and tell people this was my $4,500 dollar Basset. The Vet asked us if we wanted to know how much the cost of the operation would be. My wife said “NO, just do it”. It worked for awhile but she too passed on.

So, my wife said let’s wait awhile and get a smaller dog. So, I waited...a whole week. Saw this Puppy on Craig’s List and just had to look. I told my wife I was just going to look, that she could be the adult and make the decision. This puppy came running to me, crashed in my lap when I sat down and rolled over for a belly rub. My wife shook her head and went to get her purse. The now 5 year old is my shadow and physical trainer. I have Type II diabetes with high blood sugar levels in the morning. So my physical trainer demands we take a hour and a half walk ever morning to lower the levels. People go “Wow... you walk a hour and far do you go”? I laugh and say “Not very far. We stop to smell the roses.... and a few other things. Trash pickup is her favorite day to walk.
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