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New Friends

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Hello There!

Just received email confirmation that my membership request was approved so I thought I'd say a quick hello! I am the proud new "mom" of a nine-week-old basset named Dinah Beans. She came to live with us at seven weeks and we have been having so much fun since! We also have another fur-baby named Ditto who is a 6 yr. old Jack Russell Terrier. It's been a hoot to watch little Dinah chase her around the yard and try to make friends! They seem to be getting along very nicely though and we are all adjusting well. I'm not sure I've quite figured out the photo link thing yet but I'm attempting to attach a photo of the new addition:

:) I've been reading some of the previous posts and this looks like an excellent group - I'm happy I found you guys!

Melanie (Dinah'sMom)
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beautiful pup!! Welcome love those big feet!!
Welcome! Great name. :)
Welcome. I only see the "red x" for Dinah Bean but saw handsome Duffy on your website. Enjoy your pup-that stage is a lot of work but years down the road you'll be wishing you could do it all over again. Keep us posted on the fun your having. :D
Welcome!It's nice to see another new member!
Welcome to our site. Can't wait to see pictures! yvonne
Welcome to the Forum - always room for one more! Your pup is totally too cute and I'm yearning for that puppy fix. Huckleberry sends arrooooos to you both.
Welcome! Lots of new members lately which is always nice. You'll love this site.

FWIW Yahoo does not allow photolinks (too much band with) you can find instructs to posting photos and names a few free photohosting sites that do allow links on the FAQ forum

Post Your Basset Pictures

Welcome! I, too, get the dreaded red x but will wait for pics. Basset pups are too cute for words.
Welcome to the board Dinah's Mom, DRAT!!! :)
Thanks for all your friendly replies! I've uploaded the photo to a different server and will attempt to add the photo again, hope it works for everyone this time!


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