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Hello all,
Looking to see if there are any events coming up in New England anytime soon in order to meet some breeders as we are searching to get a new Basset pup? Thanks MP

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You are in luck there is a Large dog show This Thursday December 8th -Sunday at eastern states exposition center Better Living Center west Springfield MA (5 dollar parking fee is typical per day) ring 6 10 am except for Sunday which is 8 something Saturday and Sunday are supported entries and second show ring 6 on Saturday is a BHCA regional specialty. there are majors all four days but Saturday and Sunday will be more heavily populated. This will likely be one of the most attended events for some time. The other being the general meeting and awards banquet which is scheduled for January 15 at Bertucci's in Mansfield Ma. the advantage of the Show is there will be dogs there,

Pilgrim Basset Hound Club is having its December Specialty in conjunction with Eastern Dog Club at the Eastern States Expo grounds in West Springfield in the Better Living Building. We are in Ring 6 at 10:00 and have an entry of 20. Following at 12:00 in the same Ring 6 will be a BHCA Regional Specialty and later a Rally competition sponsored by the Bassets but open to other breeds.
Pilgrim will offer simple hospitality and BHCA will hold a raffle. Linda Fowler is bringing some Lebanese pies and a sheet cake and Mike is making some muffins. Belinda is making homemade cookies and breads, I am making oven fried chicken to be eaten cold. Heather is making a pasta salad and Miriam is bringing Caesar salad. Judy is bringing assorted small bags of chips. The premium states all food should be purchased from the Expo Center but you can bring your own food. We therefore want to keep it simple and not draw too much attention. If you have something you wish to contribute fell free but do not feel like you need to. Come join us and support the raffle and cheer your favorites on. The BOB from Pilgrim goes onto the group as the BHCA is actually a separate show.
We have had some bad weather in the past but looks good although cold, There are a few scattered benches around but bringing a chair is a good idea. We are to have crate space at the ring site and we are in Ring 6 for all 5 shows. They start on Thursday and continue thru to Sunday. Every day about 10:00 with the exception of Sunday which is 8:45. Hope to see some of you there and Good Luck to everyone."

You may want to Join the Pilgrim Basset hound Club facebook group you need not need to be a member of the club.

Pilgrim Basset Hound Club | Facebook

We will be there Sat and sunday with 4 . two dogs two bitches

Juding program for BHCA specialty on Saturday 5 dogs 10 bitches 3 dog special (champion) 2 Bitch special (champion) correct for known changes
BHCA judging program

Why I am the last resort when it comes to handling show dogs

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