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Bassets tend to be very pack oriented animals. Part of her following you from room to room may be the need to just be with you. I'm sure a lot of it is also this is a very new place to her and you're her safety. Like the others have said just give her time to settle in.

One thing to try when you leave is giving her something with your scent on it. Wear an old T-shirt (something that would be ok if it got chewed up) for a couple night running and then leave it in her area or crate when you leave. This might help relieve some of the anxiety she's feeling when you're not there.

Any time you bring a dog into a new situation, you have to expect there may be some challenges with potty training. When we adopted Layla she was almost 2 years old and for the first month or so we had her, we had accidents. Part of it was her adjusting to our routine and part of it was us being able to tell her signs that she needed to go out. For about the first year we had her, we would have occasional accidents when we would go to visit a new place (like my parents house at Christmas). That has seems to resolve itself.

If you are going to be working all day and leaving her at home, you may want to consider hiring a dog walker or pet sitter to come visit her part way through the day. But for the first few months you have her I would also recommend crate training with her. It not only give her a "place" of her own but it can also help with potty training. When we first had Rosco, I didn't let him sleep on the bed. Instead I put his crate in my room, where he could see me. That got him used to sleeping off the bed and also help with the potty training routine because I could hear him moving and fussing when he needed to go out.

Bassets are WONDERFUL companion dogs and I would recommend you give her more time. They loyal, lovable, and there's nothing better than basset snuggles. Just keep in mind that you may have the same problems with any rescue dog or puppy no matter what breed you pick.
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